Monday , 21 April 2014

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English Reading Resources


Reading is the most beneficial and pleasurable activity when it comes to improving your vocabulary and your process of language acquisition. There is no doubt that listening to podcasts as well as watching movies and series are equally important activities ... Read More »

English Vocabulary – Cry wolf


Hello everyone, Have you guys ever heard about the Aesop’s Fable “The boy who cried wolf”? It tells a story about a shepherd boy who was watching sheep, but the boy grew bored because there wasn’t anything to do, so ... Read More »

Como dizer disturbio mental em Inglês


Esse vídeo da Voice of America – Learning English fala sobre Saúde. Novas pesquisas realizadas indicam que aqueles que falam mais de um idioma podem atrasar diferentes tipos de demência. Qual a sua opinião sobre o assunto? Você acredita que ... Read More »

Delaying gratification when learning English


What does the word “Gratification” mean? The Oxford dictionary says: “The state of feeling pleasure when something goes well for you or when your desires are satisfied; something that gives you pleasure”. To “delay” your gratification, however, is the ability ... Read More »